Goldshell KD MAX the most powerful Kadena miner!

 The GoldShell KD MAX is the best new miner in town!

GoldShell KD MAX
GoldShell KD MAX

    The GoldShell KD MAX is already here and it is perhaps the safest investment you can make when it comes to miners in the current bear market times! It can mine up to 24 KDA per day and as of the current market price that is about 48$ per day, but if you add in the price of electricity it's about 37$ if we are talking about an average American retail power price of 11 cents per kWh. You could potentially bring the cost of mining even further by getting a solar or wind power generator.

Price speculation:

    If you decide to keep the Kadena and mine with the GoldShell KD MAX until the next bull market in about three years, you would have about 26,400 tokens. If the KDA token reaches about the same top of the market as in 2021, you would have made about $634,000 at the peak. That is if the price doesn't go beyond the previous all-time thing, which is very unlikely. Some market experts estimate that the price of KDA could reach about $300 per token for the next halving of BTC. This would single-handedly make you a millionaire with about 8 million behind your back. 

GoldShell KD MAX
GoldShell KD MAX

Why mine Kadena With the GoldShell KD MAX instead of ETH or BTC?

    When it comes to the project itself, the Kadena organization has a very stable backing behind it with many well-established developers working on the project itself. Not to mention the ties that they have with USA's biggest investment bank JPMorgan. This alone is more than bullish enough to and should pique your interest in the project.
    The way things have been going in recent times, the whole market agrees that proof of sake is the way to go as it is a more environmentally sustainable way to maintain the network, and you would think that the GoldShell KD MAX is a step back, but it is, in fact, a revolutionary method of doing what BTC has been doing since its inception, but in a much safer, power-efficient, and more utility-driven way. What KDA is trying to do is take both the smart contract capabilities of  ETC and the good old way of mining your tokens from BTC, and combine them without the flaws.
    When it comes to speculation in the markets there is perhaps no other minable token that is going to be as profitable in the long run as KDA. The backing of the companies working with Kadena is extremely promising and the project has a unique and interesting mix of new tech but with an old-school mining twist to it! 

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