AnexMiner Dark Star ET7 mine 0.5 ETH per week!

 The next big thing in Ethereum mining is almost here! The AnexMiner Dark Star ET7 6000 MH/s is worth 70 RTX 3080 in one machine! 

AnexMiner Dark Star ET7
AnexMiner Dark Star ET7

Are you ready for 28 ETH per year?

    The all-new AnexMiner Dark Star ET7 6000MH/s is capable of mining more ETH per year than you have ever seen in your wallet! And you know what's better? It's all yours, you earned it, you made it! The amount of money this miner is going to make is more than enough, to cover the high price of 92,300 USD. 
    After less than two years this amazing machine is going to not only pay for itself but start netting you even more profits. Maybe even sooner than that, who knows with all of these new companies coming and building on top of the eth network. The future price of our favorite smart token might be even higher than anyone has ever anticipated! Some analysts are even considering a jaw-dropping price of 10,000 dollars per token in less than a couple of years!

No need to be worried about ETH 2.0

    The update of Etherium is a very big buzz word and many people are quite hesitant nowadays, on whether they should get into ETH mining or not. Well, the truth about it is that they do intend to go proof of stake at some point, but that is not going to be in the next few years. Or more like two or three.
    Vitalik has not been able to really give us a concrete date and it seems as far away as ever, because of the constant excuses and procrastination coming out of the Ethereum organization. 
    Even when we move to staking, the AnexMiner Dark Star ET7 is going to net you a decent profit even after the "merge" since Vitalik has said that when the update happens, we would still be able to mine for a period of time, the profits are just going to diminishing until it is no longer profitable to mine.
    There are plenty of coins you will be able to mine, other than eth, like ETC, RVN, ERGO, etc. No matter what it is, you would have paid off your miner and even earned a lot more in coins.


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